Why Women Fake Orgasm – Or, Getting Her There Faster

Why Women Fake Orgasm – Or, Getting Her There Faster

9 out of 10 women admit to faking orgasm at least once.

7 out of 10 admit to fake orgasm with their current partner.

8 out of 10 women won’t orgasm from penetration alone.

2 out of 10 women have never experienced an orgasm.

The reason is because many women need up to 30 minutes of CLITORAL stimulation to reach orgasm.

The clitoris has as many nerve endings as the penis but they are packed into an area that is typically about 1 inch long.

It is the only part of the human body (male or female) which is designed for no other purpose except physical pleasure.

If the clitoris is not stimulated during sex, odds are high that there will never be an orgasm – Therefore, she will fake orgasm. However, the more a woman experiences orgasm, the easier it is for her to experience them in the future.

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