25% OFF the Intensity – vaginal exerciser [caption id="attachment_264" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Click to learn more and get 25% off![/caption] Sale price: $187.49 In stock List price: $249.99 You save: $62.50 Summary: Combine a classic sex toy with medical technology, and what do you get? The Jopen Intensity---a g-spot and clitoral vibe which produces electrostimulation, sending your vaginal muscles instantly into the same contractions that an orgasm does---the Intensity Experience is basically an orgasm that lasts as long as you want. Slow and building in the lower settings, or body-shaking at the higher settings; inflatable to fit a wide range of bodies; intuitive controls---Yes. Intensely, Yes. Pros: Electrostimulation sends muscles directly to orgasm mode, LONG, STRONG orgasms, will fit most women. Cons: "Ugly Duckling" appearance, not waterproof, on the loud side, no color options. Best use: While it may look a little bizarre or prototype-ey, the Jopen Intensity is pioneering in such an innovative realm of pleasure that, once you feel it, you'll forgive its ugly-duckling appearance. Intensity combines customizable girth and classic multi-level dual vibration with electrical stimulation---and this revolutionary combination really does blend the best of all worlds. Intensity is designed as a combination electrostimulation device and a traditional dual stimulator for women. To begin your experience, there are internal vibrations delivered through the shaft, and clitoral vibrations delivered through a triple-tipped stimulator in concert. When you're aroused, you may choose to inflate the shaft to fill your body to your ideal fulness. When the contacts are in place against the walls of your vagina, you can begin the electrostimulation. Intensity is billed as a kegel exerciser, but it's also a fountain of pleasure. As the electrical pulses stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, your muscles respond by contracting exactly as they contract during orgasm. Intensity's electrical pulses allow a strong orgasm that can literally last as long as you want it to. While the initial arousal from the vibrations and some mental build-up is necessary to begin the orgasm, once it begins it can last as long as you continue the electrical stimulation. Jopen recommends that Intensity should not be used anally, and that it should be avoided by those with pacemakers and those who are pregnant. Material / Texture: As a marriage of medical technology and sex toy joy, naturally Intensity is made of fine body-safe materials. Unlike many manufacturers, Jopen lists the materials of all their components: the shaft and clitoral stimulator are made of silicone, the handle is made with ABS plastic with a silicone coating, the stimulation contacts are made of stainless steel, and the inflation release valve and battery cap are made of ABS plastic. Each of these materials is odor-free, non-porous, and free of latex, phthalates, or any other potential irritants. Intensity's lavender-pink silicone is quite smooth, with just a hint of drag along the shaft, and somewhat more drag across the control panel and handle for ease of grip. The shaft is not flexible below the electrodes, but it is quite soft and can be easily bent above the electrodes, where there are no internal parts to hold it rigid. The shaft is ribbed to allow the silicone to inflate, making Intensity able to be a perfect fit for your body, no matter your favorite size. There is a firm g-spot bump just under the front electrode enabling a bit of g-spot pressure even when the shaft is inflated. This bump also houses the internal vibrator.

Intensity – vaginal exerciser

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25% OFF the Intensity – vaginal exerciser Sale price: $187.49 In stock List price: $249.99 You save: $62.50 Summary: Combine a classic sex toy with medical technology, […]

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