About The Male Stockroom

Stockroom.com is the internet’s oldest source for sex toys and gay male adult products, with an emphasis on quality & value. The best bondage gear, BDSM, S&M & electro sex toys, chastity devices, latex & leather fetish wear, dildos, dildo harness, bondage restraints, pony & puppy play gear, & many other kinky sex toys for sexually adventurous gay men. You’ll also find product photos, secure interactive ordering, an gay erotic photo gallery, safe sex supplies, books, magazines and a free forum.

The Company

JT’s Stockroom is the oldest sex toy company on the Internet. Its history as an online retailer predates the World Wide Web.

The company was started in 1988 as “JT Toys” by Joel Tucker, a student at Occidental College. Using his student email account, he distributed an all-text catalog that was distributed via email, FTP, gopher sites, and Bulletin Board Systems.

The company became known to the Internet community via Usenet newsgroup discussions in 1990. The company offered a range of sexual paraphernalia, including BDSM supplies and bondage gear. Beginning in 1995, two years after the invention of the World Wide Web, the company established a website. The online catalog features 2000+ adult products, including safe sex supplies, a large selection of bondage, BDSM and electrical gear, books, magazines, etc. You’ll also find product photos, interactive ordering, an erotic photo gallery, and a free chat room. In 2001, JT’s Stockroom acquired a publishing company, Daedalus Publishing. In 2006, JT’s Stockroom acquired renowned latex couture design shop Syren.

Stockroom.com’s website and catalogs have featured some noteworthy models, including Arpad Miklos, Justin Slater, Damien Dera, Kyle Brandon and Casey Williams.

The Mission Statement

 JT’s Stockroom’s mission is to build an inspired, dedicated team to deliver all the best in sexual technologies in a manner that demonstrates our respect for our clients as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults.

Our commitment is to provide discreet and convenient access to high quality products at a reasonable price, and to provide educational, networking and entertainment resources to support the development of the communities we serve.

Feedback & Awards

We are proud to announce that the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom just honored us with the Goldstar Business Award!

JT’s Stockroom has been honored by receiving recognition awards from organizations such as International Deaf Leather and the Chicago Hellfire Club.

Two of our books, published by the Stockroom’s Daedalus Publishing Company — Painfully Obvious and Leatherfolk — were nominated for Stonewall book awards.

We are also proud members of several non-profit groups, including The Free Speech Coalition & the Leather Merchant’s Association.

However, nothing makes us as proud as the feedback we get from our customers.

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