About FIFI Sex Toy For Men

1st Masturbator with No-Mess Cleanup!

fifi male sex toy

fifi – Sex Toy for Men = Discreet Design No-Mess Cleanup Feels Great


No-Mess Cleanup

The fifi is a male masturbator that uses disposable sleeves. Each sleeve is designed for one-time use. No cleaning necessary, simply dispose of the sleeve after each use.

Adjustable Tightness

Roll the fifi tight or loose depending on your preference and squeeze it to increase pressure. The fifi also warms up with use for a more realistic sensation.

Discreet Design

Travel discreetly. Unlike most male masturbation toys on the market, fifi’s design naturally blends in any environment and is often mistaken for a pillow.


“The easiest way to describe Fifi is to say that it’s a fleshlight with disposable sleeves. You put your wiener in it, certain biological processes take place, and then you throw away the evidence. It aims to solve the main concern with male sex toys: clean-up.” – YourTango.com

“It’s different. It’s portable. It feels pretty darn good! I even took a trip with it once, as I had to be out of town for the night. It slide into my overnight bag with ease. Very discreet as well”- MrRacy.com

“As you use it, fifi absorbs and reflects your body heat like a coat. As it warms up, which it does way better than all the other masturbators I’ve tried, it feels more lifelike and receptive, somehow.”- LTASEX.com

After a little foreplay to get his attention, I dabbed on a bit of lube and treated him to his first “fifi job”. He LOVED it, saying that the texture was just different enough to make it really hot and interesting (with the added benefit that I did the driving!). – EroticScribes.com

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